5 Tips For Writing Great Emails

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If you aren’t excited about writing emails, or people aren’t hopping on your email list left and right- you need to read this.

We’re gonna rock your world and give you the goods about emailing in a short and sweet way.

Here we go:

1. Write like you talk:

As a boss lady and entrepreneur, you should write like you talk. You aren't Bed Bath & Beyond, sending a mass email to millions of people about summertime patio furniture- it's you contacting and connecting with your people. When you go to write an email, don't put on your "newsletter voice," (in fact, never call it a newsletter, those are boring, no one wants those girl).

Instead, you should write like you talk. Your emails should sound natural. You can literally use voice dictation and talk into your headphones, which really helps get the tone of how you talk. I use google sheets- go to TOOLS- Voice Typing to speak into your headphones.

When you literally talk it out loud, it's starts your email out on a good and natural vibe. And when you're editing, read your email back out loud and notice for things that sound off or too "businessy" and forced. Be you and write like you talk.

2. Write to one person:

Instead of thinking of and speaking to your entire email "list," just think of one person to speak to. A girlfriend, your sister, or your ideal client. Have that one person in mind and write the email like you're speaking to them. So it's not "hey everyone, here's our January newsletter," it's "Hey Vanessa, I have something exciting to share with you, I'll think you'll love."

Feel the difference?

3. Use Story

Rather than being matter of fact, or teaching a lot in your emails (emails aren't where you teach), tell us what's going on behind the scenes. What's the story behind the workshop thats coming up? If you have a dating class or are offering a free call, tell us about a bad date you went on that made you run home and cry, or what inspired you to teach on the topic? Share story and behind the scenes wherever you can. It's so much more interesting than listing your certifications or the details of your thing.

4. Use lots of white space.

Don't have huge chunks of text bunched together. Break it up with lots of white space. You don't want it to look like a book. Lots of white space helps the reader read along rather than feeling like "or gawd, look at all this to read."

Once you write out your email, go back in and break the text up with space in between, and also use BOLD and italic where you can. It's easier on the eyes and helps the reader read a lot without feeling overwhelmed.

5. Keep it short and sweet.

Even as I'm writing this blog post, I'm going back in and editing stuff off to try and keep it short and sweet. Aim for that in your emails cause it's really easy to make them way too long. An email is not a blog post-that's a very important distinction! It's not a full-length deep dive. It's a fun, sharing a story, connecting kind of thing.

Rather than sending out epic, long emails and doing that very rarely- aim for smaller check-in and shares more frequently. It's easier for your people to read and keeps them connected to you.

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Let me know what you think about these tips. What are ya gonna try?


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