How To Create Community & Followers On Instagram

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I'm assuming that you're someone who ya know... doesn't want to be seen as a jerk on instagram.

So I’m gonna share with you a woke strategy that I give to clients and people that I'm working with. But this also isn't just about Instagram, this applies to your emails, your website, however people reach out to you.

So you know when you post something and you’re like- OK cool I put the time and effort and energy into making this pretty photo and writing this long caption, and I posted it! So you think your job is done.

And then people go and comment on it after.

And you go and check your phone and you're like “cool I got some comments!”

Well you should respond to those comments. 

For years and years I would just look down at my phone and think "cool I got comments..." and that'd be it. I'd never respond or write back to that person. 

It's really common. I see it alllllllll the time. And whenever I bring this up, people are like "oh my God, I do that! 👻"

Nowadays we call this ghosting. You know the dating term where someone ghosts you? 

Well in the instagram world, don’t "post and ghost." 

If people compliment you on your photo or how your words affected them and you don't take the time to interact with them back or say thank you, or respond to their question, it doesn’t sit well. And it doesn’t create a community or fans.

So respond to comments. People will appreciate it.

After you post something on social media be there for about 20 or 30 minutes to engage with that post and be there for your people.

And this is huge as far as growing your "engagement" or getting more of your peeps around on Instagram.

So don't post and ghost. Respond and connect because that's what Instagram is all about (not pretty filters, although those can be fun too).

If people DM you or respond to your Instagram story respond to them there too! If you send an email out to your people and they write you back to let you know they loved the email, respond to them. (P.S. I love getting your responses back when I send an email. Means a lot.)

Let me know how doing this goes. No more "Molly, you're in danger ghosting" anymore.

You'll see it'll create more connection and people around you who vibe with that you're up to. 

And then from there you can help them or transform their life.

And this goes for when people email you interested in your services or comment or message in a facebook group or any other place like that!



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