3 Tips For Instagram Engagement

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If I was looking for more followers and more “engagement (people who care) on my instagram, this is what I’d do:

•Spend time liking, commenting and supporting other peoples pages and posts. This isn’t a one way street. Spend 20 mins a day looking at and exploring other people’s stuff. If people aren’t supporting you, ask yourself how much you’re supporting people.

•Once you post something, hang around for 20-30 mins after and respond to peoples comments and questions. (Sometimes the point of a post is not the post itself but what goes down in the comments section!) And Instagram isn’t a magazine, it’s an interactive thing! 
Your work is not done after you press post. Be around for your peeps and they’ll be around for you. Don’t “post and ghost” where you write something and then never look back at it again or don’t respond to people’s comments 👻. Instead, think of it as “supporting and office hours” right after you post.

•Let people see your face and you talking! This can be little photos of you in your instagram stories, or photos of you or videos of you talking on your actual feed. People need to know you and know the face of the person behind the account if they would ever think of moving forward in hiring you or talking to you on the phone or signing up for your healing services. Look back at your page or stories and see how often do you post a photo or video of yourself? It can feel scary but who cares (it’s very freeing when you do it) and it brings people closer to you, to trust you and want to hire you!

Thoughts? Which one are you gonna start to incorporate more and what are you already doing or not doing?📱

(If you want sessions with me mapping out the main types of content for your biz, explaining all the behind the scenes of social media and a strategy to get more clients and flow via Insta for your type of biz, shoot me an email and we can connect for some strategy sessions.

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