Should You Niche In Your Business?

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Let’s chat about something you might be doing in your business. And hey, if you are, it’s okay.

But a lot of times what we try and do in business is be very general and offer our stuff to everyone.

Like for example, you're a coach, so you think yeah I'll coach anyone on anything! Jobs, relationships, money- you'll coach them on it!

Or you're a yoga a teacher and you know "everyone neeeeds yoga," it'll change their life so you'll teach anyone. Any level, any situation- you know you can help them. 

So that's what you put out there when you talk about your yoga to someone in the grocery store... or when you post about it on instagram.

And... this is exactly what you don't wanna do actually.

It's okay if you are! And I did it for years. And it doesn't mean you can't help every yoga student or coach anyone on anything (I'm sure you can actually.)

But if you speak to everyone then you speak to no one.

I'll say it again: 
If you speak to everyone. Then you speak 👏🏼 to 👏🏼 no one 👏🏼.

So what do you wanna do? "niche down." 

I'll explain and give you an example.

If you just had a baby, would you wanna go to a community, all levels class with a teacher who guides general, all levesl and styles yoga?

Or go to a teacher who specializes in post-natal yoga where the class is tailored to your body and it's needs where you focus on relaxing and restoring poses AND you get to connect and meet other new moms there who are going through the same thing as you.

Feel the difference?

You have to get specific and know who you're serving and then know where to find them and how to speak to them.

(These are things we'll cover when we work together one on one)

But as far a getting specific in business... a specialty cheese and wine shop is different than mcDonald's.

Your business should be a speciality shop. You're not mcDonald's where you're there to serve everyone. You don't offer public restrooms and a place where people can hang out for a $99 cent soda, feel me?

This can feel scary AF to do. 
To narrow things down.

But honestly if you're not clear on what you do and who you do it for, than your people are definitely not sure. 

And when people aren't sure then they don't move forward to work with you, and we want them to so you can help them right?


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