What's Holding You Back In Business


Hey there, I'm Eva from BOSS LADY Digital and I help service based business owners get their message and services out there to the world online through Instagram! We'll bring you strategies, resources, tech tutorials and inspiration for all things business. 


I see you there... yes you.

You're trained and certified in you're thing…

You're passionate about what you offer and how you help others..

but you have no idea how to actually market your business (it's okay...I've been there!)

Maaaaybe a few friends like your facebook page…

Instagram seems fickle and you don't know the tricks or how to get people to follow and bite…

Your past clients have loved you and you know if people were to just chat with you and be interested in your offering than you could help them solve their problem and change their life!

This is totes common and this was me for years.

Cause here’s the thing.

You’re anatomy training, photography degree, yoga school, health coaching training (etc.) taught you about how to do your craft and help and serve people well...

But it didn’t teach you how to create clients and run a business…

Two very different things. And you need both.

And It definitely didn't teach you how to do all that stuff and market in today's ever-changing, wild-ass world.

So? The good news is I can help you with that completely. I'm a powerful online marketing and business strategist and I'm here to transform your life and business and support the heck out of you.

Just know that learning your craft and then learning business and marketing are two different things…

So don’t beat yourself up if you’re not where you want to be, or not understanding Instagram or you’re wondering why no one as signed up for your workshop!

We can get you there and I’m here to teach you those business and marketing practices you need.

My intention is to give you the goods for exactly the steps to take and tricks to know to help you figure this whole business and marketing plan out. (And you can, I believe in you).

The things that I wish I had known earlier…

The things they don’t teach you in health coaching school or wherever you learned your work.

So, so that I can serve the crap outta you and literally answer your questions and frustrations this week..

Tell me below, what’s one thing that’s holding you back around business and marketing?
Or what's one thing you feel frustrated and on or wish you could figure out? 👇🏼


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Welcome, I'm Eva and I'm here to bring a huge sigh of relief to you in your online business and show you how to market your service based business on Instagram!