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"You helped me make sense of what I wanted to do in a way that felt empowering and natural.”

After working with you I have a more clear idea of what I want to focus on and how I can continue to have one social media for the various different things I do in my business.

What’s unique about you, is you listen! And you truly want to help clients come up with a solution where they feel most effective in their brand and business. And you are fantastic, approachable, and such a guide in the process of understanding what mattered to me."

-Rachel Tenny, Artist & Mental Health Therapist (@Rachel_Tenny)


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"I honestly cannot recommend Eva enough"

“I have been working with Eva for the past year, and I'm so grateful for her patience, her innovation, and her relentlessness to get to the bottom of EVERYTHING, she truly is one of a kind. Eva became a private eye and helped me recover a lot of my writing that I thought I had lost when my url was purchased. She helped me understand how to prevent this from ever happening again, and she built me out a beautiful brand new site that I am so proud of. She is an absolute world of knowledge and is so generous in how much she shares. She is thoughtful and kind, and results-driven without forcing the process. Very grateful for the time we spent together, thank you so much, Eva.”

-Lindsey, Yoga Teacher & Coach


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“There are several things that are unique about Eva and why I like working with her.

“1) She's a straight shooter, which I appreciate. She tells you what you're doing well and what you need to do better. 2) She knows about all the amazing and clever ways to make it simple and easy for me to stay connected to my tribe.

After working with her, I now feel more confident about what I'm posting. I used to doubt whether or not what I was posting was helpful, and didn't know how to choose what to post. After working with Eva, I know how to ensure that my posts are valuable and right for my particular business"

-Akanke, Personal Success Coach


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”I had SO MUCH FUN!”

"I loved getting your input and learning from you, your insights are immediately helpful, easy to do and I’m so EXCITED to follow out the plan you so quickly made for me!”

-Sara Rae, Massage Therapist & Coach


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“My website has given me the confidence to put myself out there”

I am so impressed by the way the website was laid out, and how you took my ideas and ran with it! I loved the method you had to get the look and feel I was going for, and the tools you used to organize my thoughts.I am feeling much more motivated with my business!

Jenni, Holistic Health Coach


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“Things are a lot more manageable when it comes to social media and marketing now.”

“You gave me concrete milestones or goals to hit, and tips regarding the type of content to focus on and tailor my account to. I also feel a lot more confident about myself as a self-employed client-based business owner who is putting myself out there in the world. You challenged me to do some things that stretch my comfort level but ultimately create growth within me and for me.”

-Abby, Yoga Teacher & Doula


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"Eva is extremely knowledgeable and creative when it comes to technology." 

“She created my website and I couldn’t be happier with it!  She gave me a thorough tutorial as well. She’s my go-to gal for questions regarding website edits and other tech-related services. Eva is super pleasant to work with and took all of my needs into consideration. Highly recommend her if you’re looking to add some great vibes to your online presence.” 

-Michelle, Holistic Health Coach & Reiki Practitioner


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“Best Investment EVER.”

”From website Design to Email Marketing, with Eva by your side, you can handle it ALL with ease. Eva has an instinctive, effortless way of turning the seemingly impossible- into the “so simple, can’t believe I didn’t do that sooner!”

-Karina, New York City

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“Thank you Eva!”

"I've just had a long chat with Eva, about how to market myself and move forward in my business. Since we spoke, I've already booked a meditation course, sorted out my PayPal button for my facebook page, and am in the process of updating my pricing, terms and conditions.

Eva is so knowledgable, and has some great strategies to help you to manifest whatever it is you are lacking in your business or practice."

M.T., Yoga Teacher


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